Consulting Services

Our company offers a wide range of consulting services to help you improve business operations, boost efficiency, and increase the bottom line. We are available throughout the year to provide consulting to both Individuals and Business Organizations. A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is an excellent resource to use as a sounding board when faced with important financial decisions. We can provide answers to the many “What If” questions so that you can make informed decisions that will best support your financial position.

Many businesses underestimate the importance of planning and the role it plays in a company’s survival and growth. Changes in the economy, your industry and your business can affect your company, especially if they happen without preparation or time for adjustment. Our business consultants’ goal is to help ease such changes and transitions.

Business Consulting

We approach this role as one of an experienced and trusted advisor on issues of critical importance to your business: finance, operations, and profit planning. LMH Accounting and Consulting advisors help you by delivering services that keep your business on the right track in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing environment.

If you want an objective opinion based on years of helping businesses similar to yours, please contact us. Relying on our experience in strategic planning, feasibility studies, information systems evaluation, and outsourcing opportunity evaluations could be your best step toward greater success.

Profitability / Performance Improvement

Protecting and enhancing the bottom line are very important. Only with profits do you have the fuel for growth that increases the possibilities for your business and supports your stakeholders. Simply put, profitability is the ultimate yardstick that measures your organization’s success or failure.

You know how hard it is to gain and keep a competitive edge today. Fortunately, you are not alone. With the objective insight of LMH Accounting and Consulting professionals, you will be able to determine exactly what steps you need to take to boost your bottom line and improve your business’ overall performance. In our role as trusted advisors, we have helped many clients who have sought to improve their profitability and performance. With our training and experience coupled with maintaining a Confident, Positive, Attitude, we can offer innovative solutions to help you achieve your goals.  Give us an opportunity to prove the value we can bring.

Internal Controls Compliance Evaluation

Accounting and management internal controls are mandatory to prevent and detect errors or fraudulent activities; safeguard assets; ensure financial information is accurate and reliable; comply with government regulatory requirements, and; ultimately assist in the achievement of business objectives for providing reliable management data.

LMH Accounting & Consulting provides specialized internal controls compliance evaluation, implementation, documentation, and monitoring services that are designed to ensure effective and efficient controls are in place to meet the unique requirements of all types and sizes of businesses.  LMH Accounting & Consulting professionals are skilled in evaluating manual and electronic information technology systems and in the hands-on management of those controls; documentation and implementation of new systems or procedures, and; making improvements in internal accounting controls.

With the advent of such requirements as Sarbanes Oxley and other regulatory and compliance requirements, additional focus has been placed on the design and effectiveness of internal controls in all companies.  Management and the Board of Directors must be much more cognizant of the need for an effective system of internal control.