Why a CPA? Why not a bookkeeper?

Although many bookkeepers are very knowledgeable about a variety of bookkeeping and accounting matters, there are no guarantees of professionalism or ethics. A CPA (Certified Public Accountant) is a professional. Like doctors, lawyers and insurance agents, they are licensed and must successfullly complete continuing education classes every year to keep up with the ever changing laws of accounting. With a CPA, you are assured the highest level of knowledge in the accounting field.

Aren’t CPAs expensive?

Many people often believe they are saving money by doing their own taxes and accounting. As things get more complicated, think of the hours you spend preparing your own taxes. Your time is valuable. When you think of your cost in time, effort and uncertainty, a CPA is well worth the price. Besides, LMH Accounting & Consulting offers reassuring personalized service that adds value to the investment you make in their services.

I currently use an outside payroll service, and, frankly, have not been pleased for various reasons. What alternatives do I have?

We now have access to a very good payroll alternative that you can access and use right here on our webpage. This is a reasonably priced alternative, competitive with the nationally known services, and offers you the flexibility of running your own payrolls on YOUR schedule. Direct deposit, ACH tax payments and easy import to your QuickBooks or other accounting software are features of this very good software. Call us for a demonstration!

I am starting a new business. Should I incorporate, form a L.L.C, or partnership? What is involved in filing Federal, State, and City tax forms and payroll issues?

Starting a new business is an important step in making your vision and dream happen along with the opportunity to earn income while working for yourself. There are important actions to take in organizing the business under State Law, Employment Law if you have employees, and IRS requirements.  We can go over all the options available to you, prepare the required filings to comply with the various government agencies, and keep you informed when tax filings are due.

I need to file tax returns for prior years and don’t know where to start? What will happen when I file these tax returns?

Becoming current with your tax filing obligations is something we can help you with.  We will represent you to the IRS and the State if necessary for any notices, liens, and help you take the necessary steps to have all back tax returns filed.  We can also prepare an Offer-In-Compromise if your tax liability exceeds your ability to pay or if there is a question of your liability.  Call for a confidential meeting to discuss.

I am concerned that my business is not as profitable as I would like it to be. What can you do to help me?

We offer an operational auditing program where a team of our professionals come into your business to assess your company’s operational strengths and weaknesses. We breakdown your business into the areas that are mission critical and offer recommendations (that we can help you to implement!) to get your business on track. Organizational efficiencies and profitability structuring are the keys to your business working FOR YOU rather than vice versa.

What makes LMH Accounting & Consulting different?

We’re glad you asked! There are many reputable CPA firms out there. What makes LMH Accounting & Consulting different is our up-front dedication to getting to know our clients—we ask questions not only about your business or finances, but how you like to be contacted; how often you prefer to receive follow-up; we respond to all inquiries within 24 hours; and we provide a polished report for your files. We are absolutely dedicated to earning your business.